Essentials to carry when travelling

Travelling is becoming increasingly common these days, not just for leisure but also for work. While even a decade or two ago at most people went on holidays once a year, now many go on at least short weekend trips almost every other month. Whether you are an experienced traveller or new there are some

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Why you must solo travel once

For most people travelling for pleasure is not typically a solo activity. Most of you will have friends to travel with, after all going to a new place alone can be intimidating. Yet it is one of the most wonderful experiences available. Here are some reasons why you must solo travel at least once in

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Lakshwadeep Tour guide Odigos

Travel according to your sun sign

Astrology has been used often to determine the characteristics of a person. While it is not necessary that everyone from the same sun sign shares the same traits, there are striking similarities. This has been the basis of determining compatibility for love and friendships, but can also be used to determine the best places to

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