Taj Mahal With Kalakriti Show And Dinner

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Package name - Taj Mahal with Kalakriti Show and Dinner

Agra--This historic city can be experienced not only through its ostentatious monuments and palaces but also through the tales that make the city an immortal piece of art in the minds of people. Thus, take this Taj Mahal Day Tour and dive into the depths of time, not only through the glimpse of glorious structures but also through a concert named, 'Mohabbat', that renders a different feel of its own accord.
Day 1

Start the day by visiting the structural deity perched in white. The famous Taj Mahal is not unknown to any tourist coming to Agra and its mesmerising beauty, set in a colourful Mughal Char Bagh, makes it an astounding piece of art that one can never forget.
Next, as a part of Taj Mahal Day Tour ,take a short drive to Sikandra to pay tribute to the most powerful emperor of the Mughal Kingdom-Akbar. His tomb there, is evident of his influence on the Mughal empire and marks its own distinct spot in the Mughal heritage list.
In the evening, vanish into the tales of the love that Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaz Begum, rendered immortal by their lives. Performed by about 80 professionals at the Kalakriti Cultural and Convention Center, the awe-inspiring show is followed by a light and sound show over a 12'x12' replica of the Taj Mahal. Thus, end your evening with romantic bliss in your heart and royal opulence in your mind. Retire for a lavish dinner at an Indian restaurant to carry the flavour of Agra with you for times to come.

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